Brook the Speaker

Brook speaks on topics that motivate and influence business owners to act not react to everyday business situations. 

Brook the Educator

Education is the number 1 reason that business owners get bogged down. "It's not about the education it's about what you do with it!"

Every Entrepreneur Has a Story:  Meet Brook Borup

Have you ever been in a job that you loved and hated at the same time? The feeling that every day you were doing your best to meet the approval of those who wrote your paycheck, but never really feeling that it was secure enough to depend on?  That’s the story of our CEO, Brook Borup.  While the systems, processes and productivity solutions of corporate America were an amazing foundation, they were often lacking in flexibility and even more lacking in common sense that should have guided the decisions being handed down manager to manager.  After 15 years supporting all levels of management from Sales Managers to CEO’s, enough was enough.  Enough of the rules that made no sense, beating heads against the wall when change could not be effected; enough of being taken for granted by the people that were essentially controlling life in all aspects, living paycheck to paycheck at their beck and call.

Hard work, dedication and loyalty were not enough if these attributes were never going to be appreciated and considered for advancement.  Brook, who grew up a small town Midwestern girl, needed to go back to her roots and serve those who needed it the most, not those just collecting a paycheck themselves.  Her passion was to help small business owners and entrepreneurs who are consistently buried in work, business tasks, family, and the struggle of having time outside of work.  Brook understood that when you work with small business owners the stakes are higher because every penny they spend on your product or service could be a child’s dance lessons, food on the table, advertising for more business or the family vacation they have not had in five years. There is a responsibility to be the best company you can be, and when the effort pays off there is a sense of purpose, gratitude from the client and best of all they have the time, money and energy to take an afternoon off for that dance recital or take that 7-day cruise and not feel guilty because the money is not being made over that time.

My Clone Solution was founded on Brook’s vision that everyone deserves help.  In the small business world, administrative tasks that bog down the process of providing a product or service are the hardest things for a business owner to let go of, but by far the easiest thing for them to delegate if they have put in the faith and the elbow grease.

This Midwestern girl comes from a long line of self-employed family members whose business range from photography, construction, insurance, banking, food service, printing and even a hat shop during the great depression.  Brook’s understanding of both the entrepreneurial spirit, but also the struggles that come along with being a small business owner are what make her so great at helping those that chose the life of an entrepreneur. They say you are born with the spirit but need the courage to follow it. Congratulations on having the courage.

My Clone Solution is the first solo business endeavor of CEO Brook Borup, with the intention to give any small business owner what those in her family never had– the help of a dedicated assistant to delegate to, and also to experience what CEO’s in the corporate world take for granted every day.  No more making your spouse do the books or working 90 hours a week to get everything done.  Delegation is a skill that is learned from necessity and loved by all who can learn it.  Once you get the hang of it, it is then about managing the process, not doing it.  What you don’t know can hurt you… Brook is impassioned to effect positive change to the struggling entrepreneur.

Brook can teach you what you don’t know you don’t know!


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Intros and bios

Have you ever been in a job that you loved and hated at the same time? After 15 years working in hotel and restaurant management our next guest fired corporate America and set on a path to elevate small businesses to a new normal.

Some solopreneurs are set in their ways with no end in sight, but those that want to enjoy a life beyond their business are clamoring to find a better way to DO business, be more productive with automation and EVOLVE to corporate level delegation.

I’d like to Welcome Process Architect and Owner of My Clone Solution, Brook Borup


Brook Borup is on a mission to help the worlds entrepreneurs own their own successful business that can someday be run without the business owner pulling all the strings.

Along with her team she will push her clients towards the first step in the direction of business freedom, time abundance and the ability to ultimately sell a business at a profit.

But how has she developed herself to a position where she is rightly called the “Swiss Army Knife” for Business because of her knowledge of tools, automation and needs of the small business owner.

Her ability to create the perfect solution to any challenge in the most cost effective way for the small business owner that is struggling with the business behind the business.

She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Public Relations with an emphasis in Marketing and Event Planning from Grand Valley State University in 3 years, but it was when she struggled with the waste she experienced at the corporate level in large companies that the first steps to where she is today became to be realized.

And due to the fact that most people only understand what they know, and unfortunately 80% of running a successful small business is NOT their trade knowledge, it seems as if she has a never ending conveyor belt lining up to work with her.