I Have A Business… Now What?

All the Crap that You Didn’t Know Was Part of the Gig when Starting a Business

Is your audience made up of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs that are sick and tired of all the stuff they have to do in order to make their business work or do their job effectively. The constant bombardment of you “have to do this” or “if you don’t do this you will be left behind” is daunting especially if the “this” is a foreign concept and they don’t even know where to start. Well the obvious choice is to hire someone to do it, but how do they even know how to hire that person or what to pay for the job if you don’t even know what “this” is or what “this” is supposed to accomplish in the business.

Brook’s ability to break down “this” into manageable terms and examples that everyone can understand your audience can be armed with the interview questions and budget in mind when healing the pain points in their business. Let’s break “this” down and see if it makes sense for your business because what’s amazing for the baker may not even be on the radar for the mechanic.

Automate Your Networking Homework

If your group or audience are avid networkers this topic is perfect. It introduces automation to your audience. Teaching them that different services can work together and make business life easier. It starts with a simple question that has most people on the edge of their seats… What if you could take a picture of a business card and have a “nice to see you” email sent… added them to your computer system and scheduled a task to contact them in 3 days added to your calendar… would that be worth 60 minutes of your time once?

This can be delivered as a 10 minute overview, 20 minute how and why or 60 minute get it done session as a guided tutorial. 

The Art of Inbox ZERO!

If you were one of the millions of people that use your inbox as a catch-all you’re definitely not alone. This Workshop explains how to use your inbox as a task list instead of bottomless pit. Never lose an email or use your search function on an hourly basis again. We will teach you how to get started on your way to inbox zero using a six-step process that will cut down thousands of emails in hours rather than years. Are you ready to be on your way to inbox zero?

This can be delivered as a 10 minute overview, 20 minute how and why or 60 minute get it done session as a guided tutorial. (client will not complete task in 60 minutes)

“It’s Cheaper to Do it Myself”…
Haha Ya Think?

The common adage that it’s just easier and cheaper to do all your tasks yourself and not ask for help or hire it is a BIG FAT FALSE LIE. Everyone wants help, everyone would rather have someone else do it, they just don’t want to put in the time and energy to set their businesses up for SUCCESS. In this talk I teach your audience about the value of their time in a true dollar amount. This opens up eyes and allows the brain to start down the delegation path. Depending on the time frame we then delve into the steps every professional must take to start down the delegation path and answer the question “How do I figure out what to delegate?”

This can be delivered as a 20 minute on value or 60 minute on the delegation mindset. 

“My Spouse Is My Office Manager”…
Oh Yea…How’s Your Marriage?

This is a talk about small business and teams. The ideal audience is small business owners or solopreneurs that are struggling to get everything done. They are  using their spouse or kids to take care of the business functions while they go and do the “work” of the business. This arrangement causes stress, arguments and ultimatums in the family. Attendees will learn why this is not an ideal situation, how to change the views of your team and what that can mean to the bottom line. No, it’s not about spending money it’s about investing in your abilities as a manager. Time to be a “business owner” and put “self employment” behind you. 

This can be delivered as a 10 minute hilarious eye opener, 20 minute goal setting session or 60 minute task building workshop.

Brook is absolutely amazing! As a small business owner, we wear many hats. Brook met with me and helped me organize my marketing materials, created tools and solutions that streamlined some of my administrative processes, and provided valuable direction and suggestions as my business continues to grow. If you haven’t tapped into Brook and her team yet for assistance, I highly recommend you do! She is fantastic and you will be very pleased with the results!

Kelly Hamm

HR Consultant

I have had the privilege of working with Brook on several occasions and always enjoy the experience. Brook is a knowledgeable and reliable resource for business productivity ideas and tools.  I know first hand that she is an accomplished and passionate speaker with the ability to equip her audience with knowledge and tools they just can’t wait to put to use.



Patrick Leask

Business Coach

Brook’s ability to make the complicated simple is amazing to me. She has the ability to take an idea and break it down into executable action steps that anyone can understand. The best part about that is that her team will then execute those steps for me and I get the project finished. I can’t tell you how many ideas have never been executed in my business. She is an amazing person to have on your team!


Jenny Clark

Consultant Federal Accounting

The first time we saw Brook speak her passion and drive for the boring administrative stuff intrigued us. We had no idea that these tools existed let alone how to apply them to our business. That day we hired her team to help us streamline our accounting processes and execute our marketing plan.



Robert Ong

Owner (SEO & Amazon Seller)